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Morishige's Lacquer Artistry

Lacquer artistry founded in tradition from Kagawa prefecture

  • Kinma
  • Zonsei
  • Choshitsu
  • Gotonuri
  • Zokokunuri

Morishige knows how important the coating technique is to preserve the durability and texture of the wood so that owners can enjoy their furniture for years to come.
Living in Japan affords distinct climatic changes each season of the year, which is why the coating on wooden furniture means more than surface decoration. It also protects the underlying wood from humidity during rain season and dryness during winter.
Our commitment to coating techniques has been the cornerstone of our furniture-making since Morishige was established.
Morishige's reputation speaks for our mastery in applying traditional lacquer ware "coating" to non-Japanese furniture.
At Morishige, our heritage of "respect for hand-crafted work" continues in the beauty and splendor of our hand-crafted furniture.

Kagawa's lacquer artistry