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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

MORISHIGE aims to be a company being loved long by customers offering unique services and high quality products under our motto ''Traditional and original creation.'' We encourage you to read this policy to ensure you understand MORISHIGE's privacy practices. We are committed to protecting your privacy and this privacy policy is following.

Personal Information

Personal information is your name, address, phone number, E-mail address, sex, age and any other information that could identify yourself.

Acquisition of your personal information

When you access to our web site, we never correct your personal information without your consent.
When we offer products or various services to customers, we acquire your personal information in proper range. We clarify the purpose for acquisition of your personal information, and aquire it proper way.

Uses of your personal information

Your personal information on our web site will be only used following:
To answer your questions
To have your order and answer your request
To provide useful information(for customer does'nt want it,We'll stop providing.)

Providing and opening your personal information

We never provide and open your personal information to the third parties unless legal orders need your information or you gave permission to us beforehand.

Policy updates

We obey lows and rules about customers' personal information, We may revice and update our privacy policy sometime, and that will be on web site

Inquiry about personal information

If you'd like to open, correct, stop using and erase your personal information offered on our web site, we deal with it as soon as possible. Then we need your identification and we deal with it in proper term and range

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